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Nancy C Bologna, PhD, MS, LP,  a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has enjoyed many professional roles --- a university professor, a clinician in a large medical clinic and later in her private practice, a senior officer in corporations, and an executive coach for domestic and international companies.  A "behind-the scenes" writer for most of her life, Nancy loves observing the many dimensions and complexities of human nature. She believes in the creativity and individuality of every person. Most of us have a story to tell, a voice to be heard, and a drive to create. 

So Nancy created this website — a place for people to sit back and enjoy the story or to create and contribute — write, draw, show, make music, animate, or insert videos into a story that goes on and on. You are author, artist, or musician of this amazing saga, shaping the characters and directing their lives and destinies. Already with five seasons, more than sixty episodes, and over a hundred unique and colorful characters, the story awaits you to take it from here. 

Lose yourself, then find yourself again …. in the Lives of CC Mercy!

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