How It Works

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How Our Storytelling Community Works

We're calling all writers, illustrators, photographers, animators, etc., to join our over-expanding storytelling community as readers, voters, and creators.


Enjoy all the seasons and episodes and follow the story as it unfolds. Just like a network series, you can go forward or backwards across the many episodes within each season.


Follow all the seasons and episodes and be a member of the community who votes on others' submissions of plots, characters, music, or images to enhance the story. If you vote for the winning submission, earn points toward subscriptions and merchandise.


Submit an episode, plot ideas, character, photograph, artwork, music, or video and get credit for your work. You can make money on your work! Share ad revenue for "hits" on your pages, images, contributions! You can be in charge of a character for awhile too. Or introduce a new one. The CC Mercy community will vote on submissions. If your contribution wins,  it will be integrated into the ongoing novel. And you'll be the featured author/artist on the website. Add it to your resume! 

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