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The Lives of CC Mercy is the Only Interactive Digital Novel of its Kind

Read, Share, and Contribute to the first interactive digital novel that allows you to input your creative vision while participating in a larger storytelling community.

The story

This is the story of CC Mercy, a sixteen-year old girl who is about to grow up quickly. You will share her story and the many people in her life by developing the plot, becoming and creating characters, and bringing music and images to the ongoing saga. This is a never-ending story that you write, imagine, and design. The characters are three-dimensional so you can project into their future, go back to their past, or follow them forward in the present. There is action, drama, romance, great characters, and surprises. Welcome to The Lives of CC Mercy!

Helpful FAQs

This is a new way to experience fiction. The Lives of CC Mercy is an ongoing, living story that takes shape through a storytelling community of collaborators and contributors. So far, ten episodes of Season I have been posted on the website. Once an episode is posted, it becomes a permanent part of the ongoing story. The author, Nancy Bologna, has actually written five full seasons with ten episodes each and over 100 characters. However, we might not need her work! It will be your story, your images, and your contributions that will advance the story. But to get started, and to keep things moving, episodes will be posted until the contributions come in. Read Season I to get an idea of the story and the characters so far. Then just click on "Share My Idea" and upload your idea for the plot or a character, send us an image, photograph, video, or even a musical score.

As the CC Mercy community grows, we'll vote on each contribution. If it's "voted in," your work becomes part of the ongoing story. You'll get recognition and exposure. Over time, you'll be able to receive compensation for your contribution via a percentage of advertising revenue for the "hits" and "clicks" on your piece. This is a great way to expose your creative work and jumpstart or further your career. 

Eventually, there will be a monthly subscription fee of $2.99 per month (you can unsubscribe anytime). But for now, enjoy all the aspects of The Lives of CC Mercy for free! 

You can "own" a character for awhile, perhaps for one episode going forward, for to go back in the character's past. You can even opt to create a whole new character. There is a link that leads you to the list of existing characters and you can choose one. You can "own" that character for an episode (or two or three). No one else will have access to that character while you "own " it. You'll submit your work and we'll review it and send it to the community for a vote.

Interested in contributing your vision to the story? When you click share my idea, you'll be able to upload your ideas for review. It doesn't have to be a finished episode. You can give us your idea about how the story should proceed. Our editors and artists will review it (note the few criteria for submissions on the website) and then offer it to the community for a vote. If it wins, your episode is added to the story!

Aboslutely. Written material is only one way to submit your creative work. In addition to writers, we welcome artists, musicians, sound designers, script/play writers, photographers, videographers, animators. If you want to add a musical score to one of the episodes, you'll click on that episode and then click on "Share My Idea". That's it. We'll review and offer it to the community for a vote.

As soon as we have a community of contributors, subsequent seasons and episodes will be available only to subscribers.

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